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Captivating your tastebuds with our Culinary Creations

Please place orders at before payment.

Savory Empanadas

Made in Avocado Oil

Veggie Options



Southwestern Veggie 


Meat Options


Ground Turkey


Jerk Chicken 

*Southwestern Chicken (contains corn, black beans and cheese) 


Seafood Options 


Jerk Shrimp

Shrimp and Veggie



  • all seafood empanadas are priced at market rate 

  • Conch is seasonal option

  • minimum order of 3 for all seafood options



just the base : mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and cabbage slaw


( small)

with meat or seafood 



 with meat or seafood 

Sweet Empanadas

Mini options will only be provided for large orders of 25 or more of one flavor.


Peach (summer flavor)

Mango (spring flavor)


(Our sauces can be used for dipping sauce or glaze)


Sweet Heat (8 or 12 ounce option)

Avocado-Cilantro Herb (12 ounce option)

Cilantro-Herb (12 ounce option)

Carmel (8 or 12 ounce option)


Our empanadas can be ordered in miniatures for parties and special events ( contact us for pricing details).

  Please contact us for large orders of empanadas or sauces

Ice Cream:
*Seasonal Item*
This cool delicious treat currently will available during the following months : 
June -September 

Peach Ice Cream
Mango Ice Cream

Pint option 
Quart option


Free Delivery available within a 20 mile radius.

We will now offer delivery outside 20 miles radius for a delivery cost of $.57 per mile.


We have other delicious Caribbean specialty items to order for your small catering events; please contact us for more details.

*For special events, (baby showers, bridal showers or birthdays, etc.) please specify that information, along with any dietary requirements.  

The minimum empanada order amount is 10 regular size or 20 small empanadas per order.

For any orders of over 100, please provide a minimum of 72-hour notice and a 25% deposit is required.

Please pre-order at least 72 hours in advance. 

Rush Orders: orders received 48 hours or less. These orders must be confirmed via phone, cost and expedited fees will be based on the order size.

Expedited fees are nonrefundable

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