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Elegante Creations

Mission Statement:

Our brand's mission is to introduce you to the captivating flavors of the Caribbean, igniting your taste buds with our delightful island cuisine while adding an elegant touch to your special events and weddings, crafting enduring memories. Beyond exquisite food, we aspire to infuse elegance into your cherished moments, transforming occasions into captivating experiences. Every dish we create reflects the vibrancy of the islands, blending tradition and innovation to transport you to sun-soaked shores with each bite.

Our commitment extends to crafting elegance, enhancing milestones with sophistication. Our dedicated team ensures that every detail is suffused with Caribbean warmth, creating a tapestry of lasting impressions. We invite you to savor not only flavors but also moments, experiences, and life's finest, expertly curated with Caribbean flair and elegance. Join us in this celebration where taste, elegance, and memories converge, shaping the unforgettable.

Event Planning
 Culinary Creation


Each wedding, birthday party, shower or special event is unique and requires different levels of attention to details. It is for this reason that we will customize our services based on the specific and intricate needs of each client.


Our Work


"The empanadas are EVERYTHING! I never tasted them before and decided to taste an empanada from another restaurant. Huge mistake! Sampled turkey and chicken empanadas, from Elegante Creations  and I devoured them before I could even get it out of the wrapper good! You will not be disappointed if you order from Elegante Creations. Not only is the food delicious, but the owner's attention to detailed and her services are prompt. Your guests will be asking you for their number after any event you hire them for."

- D. Wilson

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